As a dog owner I always took my own dogs to training and fell in love with it. For me the natural progression was to become a dog trainer and share my love of training with other dog owners as training is not only for obedience but is great fun for both owner and dog and creates a special bond between them.

There is more to a happy contented dog than training alone however, the right healthy food and treats are a must as is  the correct fitting collar or harness and great toys to keep them mentally stimulated. I created the shop as I wanted owners to be able to buy good quality products without paying the earth for them with a friendly individual service.

I am currently the proud owner of Jed a 4 year old border collie and Nova a 3 year old husky/malamute. I became a dog trainer a few years ago  which I love and have never looked back. A well trained and socialised dog is a happy dog!

Jacqui - 

Paws on Track - Owner and Trainer