100% natural air dried calf hooves.


Recommended for puppies from 6 months +


Please make sure fresh drinking water has been provided and do not leave your dog unattended whilst eating.


Great to fill with peanut butter or other tasty treats and in the summer mix natural plain yoghurt, a banana some blueberries or a spoonful of peanut butter together, fill the hoof and place in the freezer for a natural cooling long lasting treat.


All natural hooves have a chance of splintering, and we don’t like to state that they WON’T splinter, however we do advise that if your dog has particularly strong jaws or is a fast eater, please do keep a close eye, as there is a chance that they can splinter. Please discard any pieces to avoid choking, upset or a blockage. Chewing any hard treats can cause damage to your dog’s teeth.

Calf Hoof - Empty