Buying treats for your furry loved ones can be difficult. Especially if you aren't sure if they are going to like them. You don't want to buy a lot of them and waste your money if they don't.

We have put together this taster box which gives you a small sample of 11 of our best selling treats so you can see which ones your dog loves and which they aren't so keen on.

Included in this box :

1 Rabbit Ear

4 Fish skin cubes

3 Apple, Banana and Blueberry bones

1 Beef and Liver sausage

1 Pure meat coin - you can choose Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Duck, Turkey or Salmon.( just put your choice in the comments box at checkout)

1 Meat Stick  - random flavour

1 Fruit Star Stick - random flavour 

1Peanut Butter Paws

2 Pork Spaghetti

2 Chicken Feet

1 Fruit Straws - random  flavour 

Contents may vary due to stock 

Taster Box

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