It can be very confusing and daunting choosing treats that are good for your dog and that they will love.

Our all natural treat box is a great way to give your furry loved ones variety with great tasting healthy treats, many of which have added benefits and includes our most popular treats.

Suitable for all puppies and dogs 16 weeks and over.


10 furry Rabbit Ears 

200g pack of Apple, Banana and Blueberry Bones

8 Chicken Feet

I Dark Buffalo Skin

1 Beef Tail

1 Large Vegetable Knotted Bone(peanut butter, smoked or vegetable, flavour will be random)

8 Dried Fish skin Fingers


Furry Rabbit ears are a natural dewormer 

Dark Buffalo Skin is a great source of Iron and is low in fat

Dried Fish Skin Fingers are not only a great source of Omega 3 but are a natural teeth cleaner. If you give your dog one each night before bed it not only cleans their teeth but also helps to establish a bedtime routine.


Available as a one time only purchase or why not try our subscription service.

You will automatically get sent a box once per month with the added benefit of a £2.00 per box saving.


* If a product is not available it will be substituted with a similar alternative at the same or higher value and you will be notified

** Board not included

Treat Box

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One-time purchase
Monthly treat box
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