At Paws on Track we believe your furry loved ones deserve only the best.

We have produced our very own natural grain free Venison and Salmon with Sweet Potato and Mulberry kibble.

Our kibble uses only the finest natural British ingredients and no fillers.

50% real Venison and Salmon including 26% Venison and 24% Salmon.

Venison is protein-rich and nutritionally wholesome. It is a good source of iron and B vitamins including B6 and B12.

Mulberry is an antioxident rich in Iron and Vitamin C which can help support the immune system.

Grain free and has no artifical colours or preservatives.

We use Rosemary extract as a natural preservative.

Our packaging is easy to use and is made from compostable material

Comes in 2kg, 6kg or 12kg bags

Suitable for dogs 12 months plus

Venison Natural Grain Free Complete Dry Food