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Carnilove Goat with Pumpkin

Carnilove Goat with Pumpkin

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This wet food line is specially developed for dogs that should only tolerate one source of protein nutritionally, gluten-free and particularly more induced food. The hypoallergenic formulations are particularly suitable for dogs with allergies and feed intolerances, but are also particularly advisable for dogs with diabetes mellitus, inflammatory pancreas and joint diseases (arthritis, HD) as well as epilepsy.

In our "Heimische Weideziege" variety, we only use the finest goat meat and valuable goat interiors.

Goat meat is particularly rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

It is therefore particularly well tolerated, considered hypoallergenic and is ideal for diets. In this variety, starchy ingredients have been completely dispensed with.

Complete food for dogs

WILLOW GOAT with pumpkin and turnips

  • 100% goat
  • Single protein
  • 100% gluten-free
  • 100% grain-free


80% goat (50% goat meat, 20% goat heart, 15% goat lung, 15% goat liver), 9% turnip, 8% pumpkin, 2% rose hips, 1% thyme, egg shell powder

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