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Cooper - Calming Sausage Slices

Cooper - Calming Sausage Slices

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Cooper & Co Air-Dried Natural treats are super tasty, natural and healthy. ​
Each treat is gently shaped and air-dried over a number of days to ensure maximum flavour and maintain nutritional benefits.​
British-made, and made with up to 90% meat or fish.
Available in seven 100g recipes.​
Each treat contains added ingredients to help support key dog concerns, such as stress, fussy tastes or sensitive tummies.​
As per the core Dry Food range, the range is grain free and made with highly digestible ingredients, suitable for food sensitivities and intolerances.​

The Calming Treat is formulated with Turkey and Chamomile, a great source of Amino Acids for a balanced state of mind. With 90% Turkey.

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