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Ancol Frame Ball

Ancol Frame Ball

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Looking for a fun and durable toy for your furry friend? Check out the Lightweight Floating Toy from Ancol! This toy is perfect for throwing and retrieval games, with a lightweight design and handle to help you throw it further. It measures 23cm in length and floats on water, making it great for playtime at the beach or pool.

Please remember that while this toy is tough and durable, it's not indestructible, and dogs should be supervised while playing for safety reasons. When selecting a toy for your dog, please be mindful of their play style and preferences. This toy is not suitable for children.

At Paws on Track, we're committed to reducing our environmental impact, so our Lightweight Floating Toy comes in recycled and recyclable packaging. Get ready to have endless fun with your furry friend with this amazing toy! Available now at Paws on Track

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