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Ancol Slicker - Medium

Ancol Slicker - Medium

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This product is available at Paws on Track. The slicker brush is perfect for smooth, silky, long and short coats. It effectively whisks away loose fur and detangles hair.

The bendy pins provide comfort for your dog. We are committed to reducing our packaging and now use cardboard packaging that is widely recycled.

To use the slicker brush, slowly and gently brush in the direction of fur growth. Avoid pressing the pins into your dog's skin. For tangles, isolate the fur and gently pull the slicker brush through, starting from the outside and working in as the fur de-tangles.

The slicker pin pad dimensions are 8.5 x 5cm. When grooming your dog, start gently and introduce it slowly, especially for dogs that are new to grooming. Begin grooming sessions when your dog is relaxed and give them plenty of reassurance. Avoid tugging on the skin or knots, and end or pause the session if your dog becomes agitated or stressed. Gradually increase the length of grooming sessions as your dog becomes more comfortable.

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