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Dog Friendly Collar - S

Dog Friendly Collar - S

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Are you frustrated with people judging your dog just because of their breed, when in fact they have nothing to worry about?

Do you have a dog that isn’t good with children or adults and you need to let others know in advance?

Or maybe you have a dog that is not good with other dogs, yet other dogs come running up to your dog?

There are many more dog situations that cause problems and can be helped with a simple item.

Using a simplistic traffic light colour coded system; we can stop many of these accidents and incidents from happening in the first place. The products are visible from a distance to warn others in advance, and have large embroidered writing on in addition so there is no confusion. They are very high quality and made from the best materials available.

Because our loyal family members can’t talk for themselves, but they need others to know their personality, they could wear one of these items meaning much more peaceful walks, no judging because of their breed, and possibly a big saving from vets bills!

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